“The person who tells one side of the story seems right, until someone else comes and asks questions…”

It is our goal to provide our clients with thorough and efficient results in each and every investigation.

All our investigators are licensed and insured. I can assure you that we will exhaust all efforts to develop and compile accurate and current data in our investigations.

Having spent several years in law enforcement and having owned and run several corporations, I can personally attest to the fact that in this day and age private investigations have become an essential tool in everyday life, personal and corporate.

I would encourage you to call us today to confidentially discuss your investigative needs.

Daniel P. Riemer


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Providing the following services...



A complete plan for the individual, corporate executive and their families to ensure their safety and well being at all times.

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Highly trained to either find, analyze and help solve any problem within the corporate security structure.

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State of the art equipment to detect illegal listening or tracking devices.

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Fast reliable process and subpoena services at reasonable costs.

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We purchase your judgments and/ or find the assets needed to levy and collect.

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Utilizing the latest state of the art computerized polygraph equipment and software to determine the truthfulness or deception of an individual.

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About Us

Revelations, Inc. is a private investigation agency located in Plantation, Florida and is serving nationwide those who need corporate or private investigations.

What sets Revelations, Inc. apart from other private investigation companies is professionalism, experience, and efficiency. Our investigators are professionals who are dedicated to their careers. They have years of experience both in public and private sector investigations. We can provide you with investigators who have specifically specialized in one or more variety of fields of investigations. Your case will be handler with the speed and efficiency in the highest integrity to accommodate any corporation or individual with a confidential report. Revelations, Inc. is far ahead of its competitors in all aspects of private investigations, leaving but one choice when considering the service for your investment.

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